Atomic Vapor Customer Loyalty Program

At Atomic Vapor we value our customers, that’s a fact. Atomic Vapor offers the industries highest paying customer loyalty program, Atomic Vape Bucks, that pays back a whopping 15%! What does this mean exacly? Atomic Vape Bucks are earned every time you spend one dollar, for every dollar you spend your customer loyalty account is credited 15 Atomic Vape Bucks. Every Atomic Vape Buck is worth $0.01CDN dollars, or every 100 Atomic Vape Bucks = $1CDN.

How Do I Earn Atomic Vape Bucks?


  1. Sign up a new customer account and earn 1500 Atomic Vape Bucks. That’s a free $15 bucks right there!
  2. Place your first order and earn 1500 Atomic Vape Bucks. That’s another $15 free bucks!
  3. Post your first product review… you guessed it, earn another 1500 Atomic Vape Bucks. That is another free $15 bucks!
  4. So you say it’s your birthday… Yep, you just earned another 1500 Atomic Vape Bucks. Pure maddness, that’s another $15 bucks for free!
  5. Let you friends know how amazing Atomic Vapor ejucie is and when they place their first order… get ready for it… are you ready? You just earned a whopping 2500 Atomic Vape Bucks equivelent to another $25 bucks for free!

What are you waiting for… Start earning Atomic Vape Bucks Today!